my future, your future, our future, together

hey buddy,
i know you probably have plans this saturday to toss back a couple at some craft cocktail bar in ballard, or shoot the breeze with your old college roomie about those old rock records you two used to listen to before going to your fiance's parents house in bellevue for craft cocktail night. here's an idea... don't. darto has an idea, do something radical. dust off those old records and go, see something radical, in a very tame setting. it's the perfect setting for you. as a young entrepreneur i'm sure you care about your investments, cute condo in ballard, stock options, home brew, and your clients that are waiting for you come monday morning, after your weekend craft cocktail party of course. all the while those dusty old records that your modern partner allows you to keep around because they look vintage are wasting away on that shelf of dodads below yellowed maps of the world. you know the shelf i'm talking about, the one your mother gave you. your partner tells everyone it is from the turn of the century, but you know it is just some old junker bought from sears and roebucks in 1957 that sat in your grandfather's poorly ventilated basement for a decade before you called your mother in need of some vintage looking shelving because your partner refused the ikea set you've had since your youth. still sturdy. ikea strong. here is a hypothetical, and let me be curt with this because the clock is ticking. you disappear on saturday after your rendezvous over a milkshake with college roomie. you catch a bus to downtown and walk to the emp to work off that milkshake, that was a lot of sugar. you see a lot of families and some young adults, most people call them teens. they are in their best and brightest punk outfits, and by bright i mean dirty. they are there to watch their friends tear up the stage that night. most of those kids you see are there because their friends told them to go via facebook, and their parents say, "well gee, it is a museum after all. so they must be learning something." wrong. not this year. they are learning how to channel the in difference that brews in us all, and watch those lucky souls who will not submit to craft cocktail night when they are old enough to enter through the sad and domesticated world that resides in every bar. you look at some of these young people and laugh, but you are nervous, and they can tell. so you stand in the corner, wait for something to happen... and it does. you see the future, and suddenly it makes sense where you went wrong. not only is your future embodied in the sonic glory of four young men playing some brand of rock..punk..? whatever is the cool word these days, but you see the future of rock and roll on that absurd stage. you see four friends who grew up in a culture-less suburban sprawl who have nothing else to say but, "why?!" you agree. "why?" i'll tell you why, nobody knows. but the issue is this, you stopped asking that a while ago, so this is what i have to ask you, "why?" you see these young people tearing themselves apart just like in the history books when you read about the weathermen. this is their rally. this is their fight. it is true, and honest. they are not trying to impress anyone, they are just being themselves, and having fun. hey, what a novel idea. what do you do? you race home after their set, throw on your old records, and quit your job the next morning. done and done. have yourself a craft cocktail to celebrate, and don't forget about those divorce papers too. good thing you went through your midlife crisis at an early age. now go live, and think back when you watched...
 thee samedi
set the standard for rock and roll in the pacific northwest. i know it is hard to believe, but there is a lot going on outside capitol hill and ballard. who knew it would be in bellevue, and with a bunch of non-jaded young adults who just want to make music and art because it is fun? i did. now you do too. don't be a square. go to this: