sounds for you

it is a rare thing when you are given a piece of music in a very modest or nonchalant way, and it has the ability to almost stop time when you initially hear it. it is also a very rare thing to have that exact exchange with a friend, or peer. it is in these moments we must appreciate all of the things that we share with each other. especially those purposeful intentions, that is what makes up some of the greatest, and equally horrible things in the world. let's focus on the great here though, and consider a listen... 


monsters are due on maple street

we're going to relax for a while, and take a much needed break from shows. don't come over unless you are into watching rod serling do his thing. expect new sounds when come back.

the soundtrack for 'frontier' is almost complete. a few more things need to be tracked. expect more news on that soon.

we're playing one last show before our break on dec. 12th. details are here---->>>

sorry we had to cancel some shows, that is never cool. one of us got a new job, and that put a wrench in the plans. our parents are poor, what can I say?


dust contest

our dear friend, evan jewett included darto, and darto on the recording of his new record, which we're very excited about. it was an honor to collaborate with one of our best friends, and favorite musicians. some great memories were made, all thanks to not working. who knew that freedom could equate to happiness? keep your eyes open for his new record. it should be released sometime in 2015. it is better than anything you are listening to now.
the recording was done in evan's apartment in brooklyn, and at xx audio by this guy....
listen to evan's old bands here... 


ending start

a few things..

touring is only possible when you have the kind of friends and family that we have. you are the reason we tour. at the end of the day shows and "scenes" come and go, both are fleeting ideas that shouldn't be taken so seriously. what should be are the relationships forged through such events or communities. this is recognition of such. you all know who you are, you support, house, feed, and love us like we do you. so thank you. we can't wait to see you once again.

there are four shows left until we turn in for a long overdue break. they will be listed here --------->   
the break will last for a good long while. so get your fix now, and get hex, because it is almost gone at this point.

new music
a few months back we were asked by some very close friends to score a soundtrack for a film that has been in the works for a few years. we're very excited about what we've come up with, so the fine people at mother image have decided to put it out as a limited cassette, keep your eyes open. the film is called 'frontier', and that is all that we can say.

is now. where are you?