slow rise

listen canada,
keep your eyes open for two more december shows.
we're excited to see you.


unsung heroes

we are planning on starting a blog featuring our favorite unsung heroes of music.
aka, our friends who are indifferent about playing shows that perhaps you missed, or need a gentle reminder about. we are pretty excited about sharing some music with you that helped shape us as people, and created some wonderful, long lasting friendships. our hope is that most of these bands/people will be into posting their stuff for free, so you can get your greedy little mits on that sweet, savory obscure copy of 'such n such' with members of 'sew and so'. we also hope to link you up with people that are still selling stuff as well, so that will be an option too. you get my drift. it is going to be great.

stay tuned.


dark art

we're beginning tracking for a new lp at the end of sept.
it should take a while, don't hold your breath.
sounds about right.


frontier cs is available

buy frontier-


limited to 100 copies.

in other news, we are going to begin recording in the early fall for an lp. shows to follow.


turn down

frontier is being shipped to us shortly from ascetic house. once it arrives it will be online for purchase. we will also give you links to their site for purchase.

purchase brothers are punk. left, seth?



don't expect it until the late summer, at the earliest. 


hex re-press

title says it all. we're just about out of hex, so we ordered more, for you.
should be here by the end of may.
there are only 200, so get them while you can.


frontier framed

we just saw some of the completed shots today. this was one of our favorite stills from the clips. 



frontier was just mastered by our main man, c. hanzsek yesterday. it sounds great, and looks like it will be released as a short run on cassette by march or april by the fabulous label, ascetic house. the film of the same name is still being worked on by our friends at fluid head. release date for that is currently unknown. we've had the lucky opportunity to work with a lot of really wonderful friends on this project, both in filming, and recording audio. you know who you are. thank you.

more to come. soon.

midwest moments